McGee, Paul, 1964-

How to have a great life : 35 surprisingly simple ways to success, fulfilment and happiness / by Paul McGee. - First edition. - vii, 254 pages cm

includes index

Don't take miracles for granted -- Make peace with paradox -- Remember you're OK -- Follow the safety announcements -- Quit playing the game you'll never win -- Live life on purpose -- Are you failing any of the 7 Cs? -- Tattoo this on your torso -- Molehills matter ... massively -- Why fear isn't always your enemy -- Don't leave your dreams in the bin -- Your past is not your prison -- Struggles can strengthen you -- Have the courage to quit ... sometimes -- Wallowing is OK for a while -- Not all worries are worthless -- Dethrone the drama queen -- Get things in perspective -- Never underestimate the power of pause -- Hang out with humility -- How to avoid burnout and a break-up -- Two people you need in life -- Prune back the happy clappy tree sometimes -- Don't be a TOAT -- Not everyone drinks whisky -- Don't wait for somebody's funeral -- Please resign from this job -- A crucial formula you need to know -- A fool-proof way to avoid criticism -- You won't be mates with everyone -- Manage your mental diet -- Beware the curse of comfort -- Flex for success -- Show some leadership -- Take your talk for a walk -- Now it's over to you.

"This book starts with you-your strengths and amazing potential and how to develop those. It helps you understand how to tap into your ability to grow, while equipping you with insights, inspiration, and practical tools to deal with whatever life throws your way in order to achieve success and live a happy and fulfilled life"--

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Self-actualization (Psychology)

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