Holzer, Allison,

Dare to inspire : sustain the fire of inspiration in work and life / Allison Holzer, Sandra Spataro, Jen G. Baron. - viii, 294 pages

"After the initial moment of inspiration, many people find that the spark goes away. It sometimes seems that, while inspiration is a powerful stimulus, it's not a lasting one, and there's nothing you can do to sustain it. But what if you could? Dare to Inspire shows readers how to approach inspiration as a designed, deliberate practice--like other practices for thriving in life, you get to choose it, own it, and maintain it. By effectively managing your energy, practicing positive rituals, and creating a support system and accountability, you can learn how to intentionally re-spark the engines of inspiration. Featuring examples including Andy Puddicombe's invention of the popular app Headspace (based on a spiritual revelation to offer a service making meditation accessible to everyone, whether they are on a Himalayan mountaintop or living in a noisy New York City walkup) to Chance the Rapper's commitment to a music career, and many more, Dare to Inspire will be a key book for readers interested in creativity, success, achievement, and happiness"--

In English