Gaskins, Tony A.,

A woman's influence : own your worth, cultivate your power, and change your relationships for the better / Tony A Gaskins Jr., Sheri Gaskins. - 227 pages

A man's world --
Know your worth --
Power versus influence --
The grown-boy syndrome --
The poker face --
The 72-hour rule --
Break up to make up --
Show, don't tell --
The rules of engagement --
Let him love you --
When we play mind games, everyone loses --
Complacency is the enemy --
Just say "no" --
Honor and respect --
Trust and freedom --
Sex is a plus --
You're not a maid --
Silence is golden --
Don't compete --
A woman's influence.

Tony Gaskins has inspired others by sharing his truth - drawing millions of followers online and making him one of America's foremost experts on love and relationships. Now, he and his wife explore a woman's positive impact on a relationship in this practical and accessible guide that walks you through a series of irreplaceable lessons on making personal changes that foster healthy relationships. Tony and his wife, Sheri, draw on their own relationship successes and failures as they examine the 18 time-tested truths about how a woman's influence can shift a relationship for the better - if used correctly. Including advice for women such as "you are not a maid", "show don't tell", and the "72-hour rule", where the women makes herself totally unreachable to her partner, Tony and Sheri tackle all of today's important topics such as misogyny and the "grown boy syndrome" while never losing the empowering and empathetic tone that Tony's loyal following has come to love and trust. A Woman's Influence is a hopeful response to a culture where men behave badly and women are victimized all too often. This guidebook empowers women to know their worth and simultaneously bring out the best in men, helping to make lasting changes in relationships possible.

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Man-woman relationships.
Relationship quality.
Sex role.

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