Achterbergh, Jan,

Organizational development : designing episodic interventions / Jan Achterbergh and Dirk Vriens. - viii, 353 pages : illustrations ; 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

List of figures; Acknowledgements; Chapter 1. Introduction; Part I: Interventions in Organizational Structures: Theoretical underpinnings; Chapter 2. Understanding Organizations as Social Systems; Chapter 3. Organizational Structures; Chapter 4. Episodic Interventions in Organizational Structures; Part II: Designing Interventions in Organizational Structures; Chapter 5. The 3-D Model in Overview; Chapter 6. The Functional Dimension; Chapter 7. The Social Dimension; Chapter 8. The Infrastructural Dimension; Index

Organizational Development gives readers an understanding of organizational structures and presents a new and easy-to-understand framework which describes the three dimensions of organizational interventions. Interventions in organization often fail. This has been widely acknowledged: many books exist about the topic and many approaches are proposed to guide organizational interventions - but to no avail - soit remains difficult to design and guide them. This is the first book to (1) provide readers with an understanding of organizational structures and why it is both relevant and difficult to change them, and (2) present a model consisting of three underlying dimensions of interventions. The authors describe how this model can be used to design interventions in organizational structures. Containing practical guidelines to show how interventions can be designed and controlled, this book should be considered essential reading for postgraduate students of organizational development, design, and change, and practitioners carrying out organizational development projects.

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Organizational change.
Organizational sociology.

HD58.8 / .A288 2019